Elevate Fan Interactions:
less effort, more impact

We authenticate fans are real, prioritising quality over quantity, with memberships that unlock access to the biggest moments replacing the endless search for your audience


Interact with pre-saves
on the platform


Average increase in engagement using automated fan tagging


of active pass holders
2 pre-sale tickets


Build connections that last
with The Beat

All activity on the pass automatically feeds into 'The Beat' - your very own custom insights engine. Providing a single real-time view, it gives you the control to activate fan relationships how you want to.

Treat fans as individuals

We group your fans based on their interests, preferences, and authenticate they are real based on how they engage through the pass.

With one click personalisation

Leverage our smart recommendation tools to deliver timely and relevant drops that gives fans first access to what they want before general release.

Work smarter not harder

Streamline fan insights by automating the creation of custom audiences, reducing the need for additional resources or managing extra channels.

Why "The Beat"?

The Beat, symbolises the consistent and engaging rhythm that keeps fans connected and involved with their favourite artists, venues or brands. Just as a beat forms the foundation of a song, with Planet, it sets the tempo for how fans interact with content, events, and each other, guiding their collective experience and participation.

How do fans sign up for a membership?

Our in-house team will build you a custom pass and micro-site, they will then work with you to develop a launch plan and initial 3 month strategy to activate the membership.

Usually this involves gating existing activity, and making the biggest moments work harder.

This is your community, we provide custom links that can be sent out via socials, email or QR codes scanner live in venues, it takes on average 30 seconds to sign up and download the pass into the apple or google wallet.

How does the membership rewards platform work?

Fans are notified every time there is a new ‘drop’ (an incentive, reward, offer etc).
There is also a gated home-screen fans can sign in to and see the latest ‘drops’.

From here we provide a suite of tools that allow fans to personalise what they receive including RSVP’s to competitions and free shows, geo-targeted and in-venue offers or upgrades and the ability to register for early access to exclusive drops.

The more a fan interacts the more they get access to.

Access is entirely free for fans on our freemium tier, where fans can purchase exclusive products and unlock discounts.

The more you involve fans the quicker the audience grows, with our in-built referral incentives.

Fans can also upgrade their membership to a paid tier to get guaranteed access and rewards.

The offering is bespoke to the artist, venue or brand

Why does this make engaging with live audiences simpler?

To start with once fans are signed up you don't have to keep finding them again and again.

There's no need to create exclusive content or products, simply make sure these fans get EVERYTHING first!

The Beat automatically tags fan groups based on their interests, so you simply need to tell us what you want to send to them.

Example - The Secret Show Group

Want to do an event in London but don't know how many will turn up?
1. Send out a message on socials saying sign up to the pass for exclusive access to a secret London event dropping soon.

2. Check out how many have RSVP’d and know how many will attend before you ask them to claim their tickets. You can even wait to decide on the venue based on demand. Letting them know the location when you want.

3. Update every fan pass that RSVP'd for a seamless end to end experience - export the guest list from The Beat.

4. Want to do it again? The fans are already on the pass - less cost, less hassle.

Imagine repeating this worldwide - a new way to build your fanbase directly.

How do the memberships integrate into my existing channels?

The membership can easily be integrated into your website (example here) and all social channels, through link in bio.

Once installed the pass unlocks push notifications that can be used to reach fans directly and strengthen fan relationships.

All the marketing opt in permissions are direct to the artist, venue or brand meaning you can use the insights to enrich activity on socials, existing mailing lists and all CRM targeting.

The pass also gates access to a personalised home-screen where exclusive offers and rewards live, from here you can connect up your stores, discord servers, playlists, events and more.

How does The Beat work?

The Beat is a custom insights engine set up for each pass, we first build out the fan facing membership and once launched we surface the insights in a secure dashboard with role based permissions.

The Beat groups up fans based on their interests ensuring you can action a personalise relationship with every fan directly.

Want to reward fans who have been to every live event you’ve put on this year? You can now do that at the click of a button with The Beat!

Still have questions?

Feel free to get in touch on [email protected]