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Planet secures strategic investment from TTB Sport Capital

June 2024

Planet are pleased to announce a significant new investment from TTB Sport Capital, the sport and entertainment pillar of TTB Partners. This strategic funding round also includes contributions from prominent figures in the music, sport, and entertainment industries, underscoring a robust vote of confidence in Planet’s innovative approach to enhancing live experiences.

Launched in 2022, Planet has quickly become architects of a new way for fans to access live music experiences. The platform currently powers membership programs for leading artists including Aitch, Cat Burns, Caity Baser, Everything Everything, and Sigala directly enhancing over 150,000 active fans' experiences through personalised memberships and cutting-edge white label ticketing solutions that goes beyond just a transaction enhancing the experience and using insights on what they engage with the most to build long term loyalty.

Recently, Planet has also partnered with the Music Venue Trust in the UK, to develop unique offerings for live music venues, recently launching paid memberships across a number of cult venues. A unique proposition that is extracting the value for both loyal customers and the venues to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.

This has further solidified Planet’s position at the forefront of the industry alongside being recognised in the consumer innovation category at the most recent Music Week awards.

The new investment from TTB Sport will enable Planet to leverage its expertise in live music to enhance more live experiences in sport and broader entertainment sectors.

“With our deep understanding of fan engagement in music, we are now uniquely positioned to translate these insights to the benefit of more live audiences,” said James Morrison, Co-founder and CEO of Planet. “This investment not only accelerates our product roadmap, including paid membership upgrades and affiliate commercial partnerships, but also supports our mission to provide truly personalised and memorable live experiences at scale, with the aim to further our work with labels, brands and broader entertainment platforms.”

Teresa Teague, founder of TTB Partners, highlighted the strategic value of the investment: “We see a tremendous opportunity with Planet Fans. Their proven model of fan engagement in music shows a clear path towards transforming how superfans interact and buy into their passion points.  We see clearly the future for further application of this technology in sport and beyond, building even more loyal fanbases for businesses and delivering game changing, innovative experiences”

The funding will further advance Planet’s capabilities in offering hyper-personalised live experiences, ensuring that fan interactions are made effortless, with tools to action the insights in a single click and in turn increase the value of each membership.

Planet is supported by a diverse group of investors and advisors from across the music, sports, and entertainment sectors, including artists, managers, venue owners, and tech entrepreneurs. This strategic network will be instrumental as Planet develops new membership models and expands into the US and Canada.

About Planet Fans

Planet empowers artists, venues and brands, to transform a very one-way transactional relationship with their followers into thriving fan communities, building membership offerings that are personalised, free from apps or algorithms, rewarding and recognising loyalty directly.

Our mission is to enrich live experiences by better understanding fan demand and interests.

Artists and venues use a unique Access-All-Areas (AAA) digital pass that is integrated into the Apple or Google wallet combined with a custom built membership platform to increase loyalty and unlock rewards such as discounts, early access to tickets and more.

For more information about Planet Fans and their innovative platform, visit

About TTB Sport Capital

TTB Sport Capital is a marketing, investment and advisory group that exists to positively impact the future of sport. They bring experience, intelligence and capital together for the benefit of sport, investors and clients.

TTB Sport Capital was founded by Nick Hoyle, Holly Millward and Hong Kong-based financial group, TTB Partners in April 2022. In March 2023, TTB Sport Capital announced former England Cricket Captain Sir Andrew Strauss as Executive Chair.

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