For Artists.

Fans know you, do you know them?

We unlock a two-way relationship, a new way of connecting with fans directly free of apps and algorithms to personalise future interactions including before, during and after live shows.

We put artists back in control of these experiences to maximise demand, creating a decentralised community that bring fans ‘in’ to influence what’s next.

Full Access

Planet provides artists full access and control of how the fan relationship is actioned, whether that’s related to content, tickets, merch or memberships, we enable artists to activate their fanbase the way they want to.


Planet has prioritised making a ticket more than just a way of accessing an event, no longer a dead end part of the experience, enabling artists & fans to action more - before, during and after the show.


AAA for Artists

Putting artists back IN control of true fan experiences unlocks:


More access
to demand compared to social channels


More authenticated
fan insights than mailing lists


More action
with full control of decentralised fan community

true fan


Access more fan demand, understanding their interests & preferences regardless of what you are planning next.


Determine the demand is real
to guarantee true fans coveted experiences.
Authenticate fans with
True Ticketing.


Earn from the huge upside by super-serving true fans directly with more in-gaging content, tickets, merch or memberships.


"We have long supported artists going directly to their fans, largely because it improves the experience and creates new value from already captive audiences, and there’s none more so than live music fans right now.”

- Tim Clark (ie:music)