Planet exists to empower artists & venues:Transforming what is currently a one-way transactional relationship into thriving fan communities, by building membership offerings that are personalised, free from apps or algorithms, that reward and recognise loyalty directly.

Our mission is to grow the live music industry through two-way relationships, using data insights and tech innovation to better understand fan demand and interests.

Using our pioneering AAA approach, we unlock the true lifetime value of fans by creating customised experiences, whether that’s relating to content, tickets, merch or memberships.

About planet


Built with and for the industry

Planet is led by a trio of founders and backed by a collective of music industry innovators with an eye on the future.

We’re united by a love for music and a genuine passion to unlock its potential for those at the centre of the industry. planet is headquartered in London with plans to expand across the US in 2023.

Our Story