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Data Lead

Full time
· Remote, UK

We’re on the look out for someone to provide future looking insights and drive forward fan experiences using data.

Ready to move to a different beat?

“While our teams give it all to shape the future of the world’s biggest and emerging music artists, our promise to them is that they get something back by shaping their own future too. Everyone, regardless of level or length of service, is empowered to inform and influence how Planet grows, we live and breathe two-way relationships”
James Morrison, CEO & co-founder, planet

Think like a fan

Immerse yourself in our world to lead with energy and excitement. Use insights to unlock moments of magic, actively invite input to learn from others, continually improving the experience for all. Think big with a passion for next level experiences.

Thrive on rewiring

Vibe off proactively fixing, solving, integrating and innovating. Believe in rewiring to reap the results. Take a step back, get a fresh perspective and reset. Measure the impact. Iterate. Rise to the challenge in the face of adversity. Pioneer a new way.

Belong to a fair collective

Our own planet is built on being open minded and transparent, empowered to do right by artists, fans and each other, we are authentic and accessible to everyone. Together our integrity is a force to be reckoned with.

Beat the drum

Champion each other, our wins, our business, our clients and yourself. Be loud, proud and passionate in your own way. Create positive vibrations. Be heard by those that matter.