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How do I contact customer services?

Before you contact customer services, we recommend you check at the below FAQ’s. There's lots of info on here, and it's really easy to use, 95% of our customers usually find the answers they need, the first time.

We’ve grouped these into different parts of the experience as understand some of this will be a little new, please select the topic below:

Access-All-Areas Pass
PreTour and PreSale Draws
Payments, Resale and Cancellations
Ticket Delivery, Transfer and Entry to the event
My Account Settings

Access-All-Areas Pass

What’s Access-All-Areas and how do I get more from the artist?

Why do you need my mobile number and email address?

Where is the digital wallet pass on my phone?

How does the AAA pass and notifications work?

Can I transfer or change the name on my AAA pass?

What happens if I turn off notifications or updates on the AAA pass?

What happens to the AAA pass if I get a new phone?

What happens if I delete my AAA pass?

PreTour and PreSale Draws

What am I signing up for?

Am I guaranteed tickets?

How do ticket draws work?

Can I enter the draw more than once?

Can I book accessible tickets?

How do I increase my chances in the ticket draw?

What’s the minimum age to enter the ticket draws?

Can I withdraw my entry after I've entered a draw?

Payments, Resale and Cancellations

What does pre-authorise payment mean?

What happens if my credit/debit card doesn’t work?

What if I can't go to the event after I’ve purchased a ticket?

What if I am buying my tickets as a gift?

Can I refund or exchange my ticket?

What happens if the event is cancelled?

How and when will I get my entry confirmation?

Can I transfer tickets to my friends?

Can I resell my tickets to my friends if I cannot attend?

Ticket Delivery and Transfer

How will I find out if I get tickets or not?

How are my tickets delivered?

What happens if the draw doesn’t sell out, or more tickets become available?

I received my tickets and logged out of the app. When I log back into the app, my tickets are not showing. What can I do?

I’ve bought tickets for myself and some friends. Why are all the tickets in my name?

Can I transfer a ticket from the app?

I’ve got a ticket for a friend in my app. They’re running late, can I go into the venue without them?

What do I need to bring to the venue?

My ticket has warned me I’ve been selected for an ID check. What’s this?

Why is there no entry code on the ticket?

Can I use a screenshot to enter the event?

I have no WIFI or phone signal at the venue. Will my entry code still work?

My battery is running low. I’m worried my phone will die before my ticket is scanned at the entrance. What can I do?

I’ve got a new phone. How do I get the app back with my tickets?

I accidentally deleted the app. How do I get my tickets back?

My Account Settings

Why should I sign up to

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

How do I change my mobile phone number or email address?

There's a typo in my name - will that affect my order?

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